Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Vacationship

Its been a while since my last vacationship, moreso, a real relationship. Maybe am just NOT the type who clings on the idea of a constant companion. I feel sufficient on my own.

I admit, I miss it at times. Ok, I can be a hopeless romantic so I miss it every so often. But I know how to control the cravings for some warm body to sleep with and hug during the cold nights, sit someone over the dinner table, and all that, though. Ok, more like I know how to suppress it. I can and have lived the ultimate single life, and have learned to appreciate and accept the ups and downs of singlehood. But a little spice every once in a while wouldn’t be bad, I guess.

And so, I am (once again) in a Vacationship.

It started online. The typical hi and hellos, then some casual conversation and a good amount of teasing, until we finally decided to meet last night. G got me initially with a nice picture of a man with tight and toned skin.

But I have to admit he got me more when we met. Hes got the swagger. I can tell from the way he stands and the way he walks as he approached me on my table in a coffee shop in Greenbelt where I decided to meet him. G initially exuded just the right amount of arrogance enough to be called confident,but far from being cocky.

So, what makes this liaison different to any I’d had previously was that there was a definitive deadline. We both knew he'd only be around for 2 months, and that he will fly back to his significant other.

So, does this bother me? Not at all. We have been very open as to what the expectations would be, and I guess we set the expectations right. In fact, I think this definitive deadline will serve to both accelerate and heighten the nature of our interactions. We can just effectively spend the rest of the time we have together to just have fun and share good time. We get all the perks of a relationship, without the hassles, and without any thoughts about our future.

Even though most relationships we have when we’re young do have a deadline (even if we’re not aware of it), this is something that is admittedly difficult to acknowledge to your partner, or even to yourself when you have strong feelings for them. And yet, this serves to make my time with G wholly good because time spent doing anything un-fun would be time wasted. We aren't long-term prospects for one another, but we make for pleasant company and a pleasant few days.

It’s a shame that time, as a general rule, isn’t appreciated more, and vacationships are one of those rare instances where it is outlined for you. You can let things slide that might otherwise cause fundamental problems between two people, because most things are tolerable in the short term.

Relationships come in many different forms, and not all of them have to be undertaken with even the hope of any kind of long-term eventuality. As long as both people know what’s going on, there’s no reason that a vacationship can’t be just as ‘successful’ as a more conventional relationship, but its success is defined by different parameters.

There is no shame in enjoying someone’s company and acting like one of those nauseating couples for a few days, even if you have no interest in taking it further. After all, holidays are for relaxing, not burdening yourself with a long distance relationship thereafter.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Got Inked

Halfway through the month of the new year and I am just on my first post. I haven't been too busy lately. Neither was I sick or something like that for me not to be able to write. I just can't find a good topic. I mean, I can't think of a good material to write about.

I still don't have a good material, but today I thought I can write about my Tat. Yeah, I got my first tattoo yesterday (finally) after a long time of contemplation.

I have always wanted to have a tattoo but only settled for henna every chance I have. I simply just never had the courage to brave needle pricks and blood. But I guess, my recent and more-than-usual experience with blood and needles lately have finally taken that fear aside and I finally decided to get inked.

Anyway, I had an Ouroboros stamped on my pelvic. Well, it is more like a modified version of the traditional serpent chasing and eating its own tail. I had a dragon, instead. Also, instead of the usual Ouro forming a circle, I had it form a lemniscate (that symbol like the number 8).

So why an Ouro? Traditionally, the snake/dragon devouring in its own tail symbolizes the cyclical Nature of the Universe-- creation out of destruction, Life out of Death. The ouro is the symbol of constant creation. Its an eternal cycle of renewal.

It is the Infinite.

I wont bore you with a Philosophy lecture, although I can and would love to talk about Kant's concept of infinity, but more or less, that is the idea. The Ouro is the visual representation of Kant's first principle (as I understand him.)

 My Ouro. The Infinite. That which is the beginning and the end of all things.

(PS. Pics cannot be posted since I haven't fully disclosed and might be recognized. =D)

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