Sunday, October 2, 2011

Relationship Status

I know C**** is a keeper. I feel it. And so I decided to get into a relationship with him. It has been more than two weeks now.

I have to admit though that I (still) don't love him. I'd be fooling myself if I say I already do. But just like any relationships I've been in to, LOVE was never a prerequisite. I always believed in building it, in nurturing it.

Though I know it would be very unfair to compare it to my last experience at relationships, I feel like this one's gonna build up slowly. I don't mean to spoil it, but I feel the thoughts at the back of my mind already are. Bummer. I can't help but compare my past relationships, how they started and things like that, especially with my last (then plays Adele's "Someone like You in the background).

Simply put, there weren't "fireworks" when it started.

Not that I am not sure with C****. In all fairness, I feel the sincerity, I feel the care. What I am not sure is myself, and my grand idea of what a partner and a relationship should be. Yes, I still have a "grand" idea of a partner and a relationship (plays Asher Book's "Someone to Watch Over Me")

Still, I wanna give it a shot.

Or maybe I should just stop over thinking it.

Who knows, maybe I become comfortable changing my Facebook relationship status to "in relationship with----" , soon.

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