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Sunday, October 24, 2010

In a Vacationship

I have never really given it a thought, but if I come to think of it, I have been in a lot of 'vacationships'.

I have been with someone I met on my way back to my hotel room in one visit to Boracay, with someone I met over the net in Baguio, with someone I lock over lox at the breakfast buffet in Singapore. These are just a few of the many vacationships I can remember. The dynamics is very simple-- I like you, you like me, lets give it a shot. The next thing you know is that you become a twosome, sharing the vacation experience without any history to cloud the clean slate of new romance.

I had nothing to do last night so I said yes to a friend's invitation to go to a bath house in Metro Manila. I used to be a regular in that bath house but I haven't been there for 6 months now. It felt good being back. I was greeted by the usual loud voice of 'the manager' and the warm welcome by the 'bar people' who I used to hang out with. I used to always stay at the bar area, and only at the bar area, of the bath house so I pretty know much of the bar regulars. I won't deny though that at times, I'd sneak out to the maze just to do the 'old-time' chasing game.

Anyway, soon as I finished the courtesy greeting to the bar fellow, I started observing, as if I am new to the place (again). Thats when I spotted a guy at the gym area pumping some iron. I can see that most eyes are into him, too. Boy, hes a hot one. I told my friend I like him. I tried not to be too obvious, though. I don't want to be in 'obvious' competition with the rest of the guys eyeing him.

Things were 'normal', I mean me talkin to people, having a good laugh at the bar area, and occasionally spotting at some guys. I was having fun, though, so I never really mind Mr. Hotguy-Pumping-Iron.

I decided to excuse myself from the bar and went to hit the jacuzzi. Mr. Hotguy-Pumping-Iron was there when I got there, and there were 2 guys with him in the jacuzzi. I decided to join them. He was just there, sitting quietly, while the 2 guys looked very anxious. I knew they were brewing something in their head. I can see one of them trying to get closer to Mr. Hotguy-Pumping-Iron, while the other was working his hands toward's the guy's 'precvious'. I remained oblivious, just drinkin my beer at the tub.

I can feel that Mr. Hotguy-Pumping-Iron is starting to get a bit uncomfortable with the two guys preying on him. He moved closer to me, then our knees touched. I then got finally tempted to extend my hand and gave him a squeeze at his shoulders. He never resisted. I took away the oblivious look in my face and gave him a smile, and he smiled back. I then excused myself and left the tub to go back to the bar and grab my next bottle.

After getting my bottle, I saw Mr. Hotguy-Pumping-Iron now sitting alone at a chair not too far from the bar area. I gathered my courage and finally approached him. I offered him a bottle of beer and he politely accepted the offer. Boy, I couldn't miss the chance. I got him engaged in a nice conversation to the point that we would laugh out loud, and the bar fellows noticed that I was with him.

Now the all the attention is on us. But he didn't mind. We would kiss and touch each other unmindful of the (many) eyes looking at us. He said he liked me, and that of all the guys he saw that night, he found me the most attractive but he just didn't know how to approach. He is a NOT Filipino and is only here for a (business) trip.

Mr. Hotguy-Pumping-Iron is Italian. I would have guessed that from the start, but had second thought as he looked like a Filipino-with-a-mix at the same time. He's Italian features are not very pronounced. He said it is because he is a mix of Italian and Colombian.

Moving on, I spent the rest of my time in the bar with him. We talked and drink and kissed and cuddled, until he popped the question--if I have a BF. I said none, which is true. I know where will the conversation go, so I told him my idea of 'vacationships', and he liked it. The next thing we know, we are in a 'vacationship'.

I understand this concept doesn't appeal to everyone. But I take it as a relationship for convenience, with no expectations that it will be sustained. I mean, you just happen to be two people who happen to like each other AT THAT MOMENT, and would want to share that moment together and as long as it last and as long as the chance permits, so why then not give yourself a chance?

Thats what exactly we are doing-- we enjoy the moment as much as we can, or until someone needs to board the next plane.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Its Just Coffee!

Nothing can be worst than a mediocre coffee early in the morning.

I was not able to prepare my own cup today as I was running late for the office. I decided to get a quick cup at the dispenser at the office pantry soon as I got to work to have my doze of caffeine only to be disappointed-- I got a cup filled with hot water, barely colored, and does not resemble coffee in any way imaginable. To my dismay, emptied the semi-colored hot water and took the cup, got a sachet and settled for instant coffee. I wasn't the happiest this morning.

This is one of the few times I miss my (ex)bf. He used to wake up early in the morning to prepare my hot cup while I take a bath and prepare myself to work. He knows exactly how I like my cup-- bitter sweet.

Sometimes, I am thinking, if only boyfriends are like instant coffee, then I would have gotten one from the corner store. But on a second thought, I realize I really do not like things instant. So I'd rather remain single.

Despite the convenience and availability, I purposely shy away from fast food, ready-to-eat, or simply things 'instant'. I am simply not fond of them. Although I get tempted to settle for them in times when choice is more of a luxury, I'd prefer to have things the hard way. I get more satisfaction brewing my coffee (or seeing someone brew it for me), cooking my own pasta from fresh ingredients, baking my own potato, or simply boiling my egg.

I remember a text message I got from B, the guy I am dating for a while now. He said "Do not just settle for the one who buys you coffee. Go with the one that will prepare it for you."

Efforts count. Thats what he wanted to tell me. And thats what make a perfect coffee.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Am Fine!

I have not been writing for a while. I dunno why. I am fine. I mean, I am happy. Someone is keeping me happy. Something is keeping me happy.

Maybe I am simply lazy, but I AM FINE!

Just a few updates, though, for whatever reason or purpose it may serve.

First, I haven't seen J for two weekends now. I know he must be busy. What's interesting is that he reacted on my previous post over the weekend. I dunno whatever reason he had, but he had to explain himself, which I least expected. I mean, I am fine with him having to say 'no' to me sometimes. I am fine that we don't see each other every weekend. I am fine that he has a boyfriend. I am fine that he goes his way while I go mine.

Don't get me wrong. I highly respect the guy. I would always speak highly of the guy. I know he means well. What I don't understand is that why he needed to explain. I know my previous post was brought up by my desire to be with him and the frustrations of having otherwise, but like what I always say, I AM FINE. I have no demands from him. Yes, it is hard handling frustrations, but at the same time, I am taking things maturely as much as I can. And when I say I am fine, that means I am fine.

Moving on, I heard today that my ex-BF "has a BF". I am FINE with that. Although it hasn't been confirmed, if ever that is the case, I can say I am fine. I my not be the happiest person (since I don't like the new guy much, not out of jealousy nor insecurity-- that's the least I have-- but out of the presumption that he cannot take care of my ex as much. I have gone and grown to be very protective of my ex over time, and only want him the best, and from what I hear, the guy fails on that area. i am not in the position to judge, though.) but then again, I am FINE.

I have  also been seeing a guy for a little more than a week now. He is a very fine gentleman. I met him at a house party of a common friend few months ago, and never heard anything about him after that until we found each other online. I know I like him, and would like to think he likes me the same. However, we are taking things lightly, which is not at all a bad thing. Nothing is forced. we just let things go as they should. So far, so good. I am Fine with how things are going with us, and looking forward to the coming days.

Finally, work is fine. Things are going smoothly with my new job. However, I have not been able to go to the office for three days now due to my sore eyes (may it be conjunctivitis, an insect bite, or a sty, i cannot tell.), but everything is fine. Afterall, there is not much need for me to be in the office yet as I can work from home, which I have been doing for a while now. Aside from the discomfort this swollen and itchy and teary red left eye brings, i guess everything is FINE.

Generally, I am FINE with only the occasional freak out!

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